We joke about what we would actually steal 

if we were breaking in for reasons other than carelessness.
A nice quilt. A DVD player from the nineties.

Week-expired milk. I am rich, I tell you.

It’s been a week since I’ve been in my apartment.
I want to touch everything. I want to wash every dish

in the kitchen sink like a newborn.

I want to pull you to the floor to make love
among the ticket stubs, the bobby pins,

the evidence of living.

- Sierra DeMulder
New Shoes on a Dead Horse

(Source: commovente)

Liv Tyler for The Face UK, February 1996

scaryhiltons asked:

Bitch you are racist.


Aight. I dont agree in the slightest, however, you are entitled to your own opinion. Two thumbs up for your use of intelligent language, application of syntax, and flawless grammar, as well. Peace, love, and definitely no hate because there’s enough of that in the world already. :)


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Josephine Skriver for Elle Brazil, January 2014. 
By cliffbrigie on flikr
Grace Bol by Wendelien Daan for Elle Netherlands August 2012.